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Indirect Learning Videos for Children

Yes, Indirect learning… because kids get bored with direct lesson easily.  Instead of direct teaching, important lesson related to the outer world and life seems more interesting to kids.

Classroom learning can be very subjective and limited to school curriculum. But Kids like games, story books and animated movies, these are full of short and sweet stories accompanied with beautiful pictures in them. Such resources are bought by parents for their kid’s entertainment and as well as indirect learning.

There are more than millions of Videos out there in world But when we talk about the Indirect Learning Videos for Children we generally get confused regarding, what difference these videos can create from class room learning.

These kind of videos which comes in the list are reference educational videos, or can also be called as helping videos. To understand things and lessons in a better manner, children’s sometime has to use these reference videos, as they contain the same information or the information related to the topic in an interesting manner.

It is not necessary that these videos should always teach something to a child, there are many story videos in the market like interactive videos which are there for entertainment purely.

To help the parents  and teachers, there are many online websites these days, which are providing free Educational Content for Kids. Therefore no more worries for parents related to their pocket before buying world level educational content for their kids.

Educational Videos for Children

Now that we have got your basic doubts cleared; let us move on to a more interesting portion in this topic. Yes, the actual Indirect Learning Videos.
There are fun and interactive videos;  songs videos, story based videos and many  more. Here are some interesting videos for children:

Pronoun Song – “I am Happy”
Watch and dance to this fun song while revising pronouns. This basic English grammar pronoun song is becoming very popular amongst kids.

In this video watch Gul outsmart his friends in the game of hide and seek using prepositions!!
Reveal the mystery behind symmetry in this magical world, where a hidden treasure awaits you!
View this English Grammar video, for easy explanations of Collective Nouns. Shapes – Cone, Cylinder and Sphere
Learn Solid Shapes of Geometry like cone, cylinder and sphere in an easy manner.

Comparative Adjectives – Most Delicious Mangoes

Jojo and Tota learn about Comparative Adjectives by eating the most delicious mangoes!

Conjunctions – Meet “Super Baloo”
You can use a conjunction to link words. In this English Grammar Lesson, learn Conjunctions easily with the help of “Super Baloo” 🙂

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